06. txtm3ss4g3

I regard this track as one of the best songs I've ever written, and my personal favorite on the album. It's heartfelt, but still danceable, and I always loved to perform it live and scream my lungs out to it. It's sort of dark and emotional, but at the same time always fun to rage about the people in your life who have shattered your heart into pieces at some point. The song's central imagery focuses on SMS conversations between oneself and perhaps a friend, or a lover, or anyone else who is supposed to care about you, but you can tell that they obviously don't. I think most of us can relate to receiving some horrifying text message from someone you love that makes you want to rip your skull out of your own face and die, but good thing they put a at the end!
"A smiley face tacked on to the end of a text message doesn't make it any nicer." -Gabe

She was looking away when she said
That things'll all be okay in the end
But then again you know I'll be out to get you soon
Enough hangin' out with friends late
Enough paintin' towns with red paint
Think I could use some restraint
As if I ain't already when I'm hobbling out of this room
And I don't need you here
To drive me out of my mind
To get me back on my way in one piece okay

One for the girl
Two to spend the money
She's a pretty cracked pearl
Way to drain me honey
Alright let's get together
But don't think I could ever
Ever meet your lengthy repertoire
For the girl
You don't need to bother with the
Flowers and pearls
Until a better offer comes
I'll do whatever
But don't think I could ever
Ever meet your repertoire

A smiley face
Tacked onto the end
Of a text message
Doesn't make it any nicer
When in the back of your head
You're thinking something different
from the things you said
A text message
with a smiley face
tacked onto the end
doesn't mean anything
'Cus I don't see
Colon closed-parenthesis
In the back of your throat
When you're talking to me