03. r0ck3td0wn

"Rocket Down" was sort of our "comeback" track so to speak, one of the earliest BSOD tracks we wrote and performed if I remember correctly. It's just a party song, no particular meaning other than our desire to be the life of the party, dance, hang out with attractive women, and get down to some BREAK-BEATS. Back in the oldschool days of playing shows with homies like Fighter X, it was all about the breakbeats. This song has a theme regarding the act of trendsetting, a bit of a cynical reminder that "WE started this fire." -Gabe

This scene is dying but we're trying
To get back in the mood
This conversation's going nowhere
So we're up to no good
My kind of line up is alive
And well and kicking out the
Jams on the dance floor

Come on!

This scene is crying for attention
With no mention of end
If I tell you I think this band is cool
Will you be my friend?
Might be a liar hidden beneath my attire
But at least the trendy kids will think
That we started this fire

I wanna rocket down to
I wanna shake it up with you
Down to the places where
The breakbeat's hot
And the chicks are superfly